Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bird & Forest
Ugly Duckling Press, 2005
ISBN: 1-933254-06-8

Available through:
Ugly Duckling
Small Press Distribution

"Bird & Forest is clear, beautiful writing. There is a simple quality of the well-told-tale to these fractured fables. This is a patient, wise and hilarious work whose intimate tone insinuates itself into your psyche only to have its way with you and then suddenly vanish. What more could you want?"--Laura Moriarty.

"With orations, fables, axioms, proofs, journals, and letters, Brent Cunningham offers a riposte to the confounding realities of empire just when we need it most. The repeated 'awakenings' of Bird & Forest suggest the wonder of conversion narrative without the ideological baggage. Engaging myriad rhetorical 'types,' he exhausts their function to disclose the backstory of creation, romantic love, and the curious permanence of warfare while gorgeously demonstrating the resilience of the imagination."--Peter Gizzi.


Chris Vitiello said...

I love this book like a brother.

CLAY BANES said...

Nice hat, Brent.

noah said...

I too am a fan of yr book!

Tony Tost said...

I loved this book and then set it on the shelf like it was Chris Vitiello. I've forced people to read the orations.