Thursday, January 19, 2006

Diagram #4 (The Travels of Patty Hearst)


Creelea said...

folks, don't forget your brown bag lunch and comfy shoes on the walking tour.

Chris Vitiello said...

I expected some graphic zoom-in details for some of the locations where amorous relations occurred between Hearst and her kidnappers. Very disappointing effort, Brent.

Lee Azus said...

Hey Brentt:
I always wanted to know where Tanya and Wendy Yoshimura were captured. Thanks for the wonderful geogrpahical history map. Her kidnap address, however, is 2603 Benvenue, not 2602. I lived around the corner on Hillegass for years and we all knew which was Patty and Steve Weed's apartment.


brent, i love this.

i'm obsessed with ms. hearst, have we ever talked about this?

looking forward to seeing you and melly b in a few days, and talking more this weekend!

Brent Cunningham said...

Hi, Lee,

Thanks for that correction. Yes, it's 2603. I got the 2602 from a Patty Hearst conspiracy site--not the most reliable fact checkers.

By the way I believe it was Apartment #4 in that building. In the rear certainly.


Brent Cunningham said...

For the record I did at least mark the apartment's location correctly. It's on the east side of the street, towards College, pretty much where the red x is.

There are some pictures here. Including of the bullet holes: