Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Diagram #10 (Regulations for Inflight Snake Storage)


melissa benham said...

i heart you

shanna said...

ha! ha ha!

Chris Vitiello said...

Brent, both myself and the Airline Travel Safety Board commend you on raising awareness about this important flight safety issue. If more passengers stored their snakes properly during flight, many lives would be saved. Bless you and may god have mercy on your soul.

neil. said...

dear brent,

when i was younger, i had a snake. my dad caught it. i almost ran it over on my bike. it shed its skin three times. i think it ate seven mice. then it stopped eating mice. our snake had to go live on albany hill.

in case you were wondering, its name was Snakey. to the best of my knowledge, it never flew.



Bill Luoma said...

no joke cunning man:

snakes and ladders

Ken Rumble said...

Recent news is that we got our big brains so that we could avoid just such snake catastrophes. Brent, I believe you've moved us up the evolutionary ladder here.



Hem said...
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