Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Diagram #12 (Proposal for a U.S.-Mexico Border Fence & Citizen Tunnel)


stan said...

That's very funny.

On some level, I'd really like to live in an underground city. Must be those books I read as a kid. . .

Rocinante said...

Is that a one-way tunnel? I enquire.

Brent Cunningham said...


I hope you're not implying that there are people who would rather not be members of the American bourgeois. That's just crazy.


Rocinante said...

I was certainly not implying such blasphemy.
—long pause—
Eppur si muove flashes on my cerebellum: For an instant I had decided to add some extra testosterone to bike my way out. Useless. The main obstacle seems to be my inability to pedal with both feet at unison.

Alli Warren said...

I want more pretty pictures! more things to look at!

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